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Getting Started

You will start as a BankMobilist Trainee and can work up to BankMobilist Team Leader.

Making $$$

You will be paid to refer new account holders, post on social (subject to our guidelines, of course!), organize BankMobile team members to visit & speak at your school, financially empower yourselves & your community - and more!

Other Perks?


Join the Team

High-achieving BankMobilist(s) will be chosen to be our Intern in NYC headquarters during Summer 2017


Make Your Voice Heard

All BankMobilists will be invited to offer constructive opinions to the Chief Strategy Officer, headquartered in NYC


Bank in Style

We’ll load you with sweet swag for yourself and for your friends

Quote #1

My experience with BankMobile has been wonderful. The program has helped me to perform the marketing skills I learned while in college. I really enjoy that each BankMobilist is able to put their own twist on how to market the brand. I love the communication and support we get from the BankMobile team.

Elesia McCray


(Most successful 2015/16 BankMobilist and intern at BankMobile’s HQ in NYC)

Quote #2

I really enjoy educating my friends and fellow classmates about their finances in a fun and creative way. Even if I can’t get everyone to enroll into an account, I can guarantee that my friends and community know who and what BankMobile is.

Amber Mole


(2015/16 BankMobilist)

Quote #3

Working as a BankMobilist has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I get to build my entrepreneurial and networking skills by talking to others and sharing news about BankMobile, as well as connecting and working with fellow team members.

Christy Abuyan


(2015/16 BankMobilist)

Quote #4

Bankmobile has given me an innovative brand that I can really get behind to gain social media and communication skills.

Michael Grippo


(2015/16 BankMobilist)

Quote #5

My experience as a BankMobilist has been absolutely thrilling. It’s not only an extracurricular activity, rather a community that I feel part of. I am fortunate to promote a brand I can really get behind, whose mission is to help people just like me!

Namit Satara


(2015/16 BankMobilist)

Frequently Asked

Is there a training process?

The BankMobilist program is designed to ensure you are gaining skills and confidence, while building your understanding of financial empowerment and communicating it with your community. There are materials for you to check out, and quizzes which relate to it, but it’s nothing crazy!

Can this count as credit for my school?

Quite possibly! All you need to do is speak to your professor or school advisor to find out what you need from us. Every school is different, so make sure you ask!

What are the monthly requirements?

We understand that each month is different; some months you can focus a lot of time and energy on the BankMobilist program, while some months are full of exams, holidays, and craziness. We want this program to enhance your #LiveFree life, so we have given suggestions as to how long it might take you to complete each section of the program - just let us know if you want to know more!

Do I have to travel?

No, BankMobilists do all of their greatest work on campus, within their community, and on social media. How do I get paid? At the end of the month you’ll ‘hand in’ your BankMobile-related work, then you’re paid straight into your BankMobile account.

Do I have to open a BankMobile account?

You sure will! All BankMobilists need a BankMobile account so that you can totally understand the banking experience that BankMobile offers and talk about the brand authentically.

What is required of me?

To open a BankMobile account, love it, live the #LiveFree life, and introduce BankMobile to your community as creatively as possible to open as many BankMobile accounts as you can!