BankMobile BOLD Customers Moving to Customers Bank / BankMobile App and Web-Banking Platform

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What do I need to do on
February 26th?

We put a guide together to help you easily transition to the new mobile and web-banking experience. On February 26th, follow these steps.

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What Should I Know and What’s Changing?

As part of a Customers Bank technology enhancement, the BankMobile BOLD app and web-banking platform will be moving to the combined Customers Bank/BankMobile app and web-banking platform. Although your account will be part of the combined Customers Bank/BankMobile experience, as a BankMobile BOLD customer you will continue to enjoy BankMobile BOLD benefits plus some great new features!

Mobile App and Web-Banking Platform

On February 22nd at 4:00 PM ET, the current BankMobile BOLD mobile app and web-banking platform will go into read-only mode—you’ll be able to access the app and web-banking, but will not be able to perform any transactions within them. To get back in action on February 26th when the new combined app and web-banking platform are available, follow these instructions.

Debit Card, Account Numbers, Checks

Your BankMobile BOLD Visa Debit card will continue to work as usual, and your bank account numbers, routing number, and existing BankMobile checks will remain valid.

You may continue using your debit card for purchases and cash withdrawals over the weekend of 2/23/18 without interruption. However, you will NOT be able to
a) change your card PIN from 2/22/18 until 2/26/18,
b) activate a new debit card from 2/22/18 until 2/26/18,
c) perform a transfer at an ATM or
d) perform a balance inquiry over the weekend.

Take Note:

Surcharge-free ATM Network

While you will still have full access to a
surcharge-free, nationwide ATM network, you will be using a different network. Currently, BankMobile BOLD customers utilize the Starsf® ATM network, but after we transition to a new operating system, BankMobile BOLD customers will be using the Allpoint® surcharge-free worldwide ATM network. More information about Allpoint® ATM locations can be found here

Take Note:
  • ATMs will not be able to process transfers or balance inquiries from 2/23/18 – 2/26/18.
  • ATMs will be able to dispense cash for withdrawals over the weekend of 2/23/18 – 2/25/18.
  • All functionality at Customers Bank ATMs is expected to be fully restored on Monday 2/26/18 (see “Funds Availability”  for more info about Customers Bank ATMs).


A2A transfers are still available and easy to carry out, although they will be limited to the web-banking platform.

Native Tablet App

Good news for tablet fans—native versions of the app will be available to download and install!

Funds Availability

You will soon enjoy same-day and next-day funds availability. Wire and ACH transfers will be available the day they are received, and 100% of other transfers and checks will be available the next business day. You will also be able to make deposits at Customers Bank ATMs; all cash deposited at a Customers Bank ATM will have immediate availability. View Customers Bank ATM locations here:

Bill Pay & Payees

Photo Bill Pay will be replaced by mobile- and web-based bill payment capabilities. We are making every effort so your existing bills and payees will migrate, except external transfers will not be carried over to the new app and web-banking platform. Since external transfers will not be carried over to the new system, you will need to set up any previous and new external transfers, which can only be done in the new Customers Bank/BankMobile web-banking platform since external transfers will not be supported in the new mobile app. Any new bill payments, personal payments, and internal transfers will need to be set up in the new Customers Bank/BankMobile mobile app or web-banking platform.

However, the pending payments that you set up in the current bill pay system may not be viewable in the new bill pay system until end of day on 3/2/18. This means you will not be able to use the new bill pay service to view, modify or cancel any payments that were pending in the current bill pay system until 3/2/18.

Take Note:

Other New Features

You will have access to other new features, like:

  • Tax forms (available only in the web-banking platform).
  • Bill Pay payee additions and deletions (available in the mobile app and in the web-banking platform, but not the generic mobile app).
  • Ability to view running balances, check images, and deposit receipt images (available in the mobile app and web-banking platform).

Statements & Documents

If you want to keep copies of past important documents that live in your current BankMobile BOLD app and web-banking platform, like disclosures, statements, and notifications, be sure to log into your current BankMobile BOLD app or web-banking platform prior to 4PM EST on February 22, 2018 to print, download, and save them for your records.

Take Note:
  • Statements will be carried over after the technology enhancement, but will only be available in the new web-banking platform and not the mobile app.
  • Documents and notifications will not be carried over.

What Else Should I Know?

As February 26th approaches, please keep in mind the following important information, date, and time:

FEB 22

4:00 PM

While we move to the new system and app, transactions will not process for 3 days—from February 22nd at 4:00 PM EST to February 26th. So during that time, you won’t be able to initiate personal payments, bill payments, or

Be sure to set up new bill payments, personal payments, and internal transfers prior to February 22nd at 4:00 PM EST to ensure uninterrupted service.  External transfers will not be carried over and can only be re-set up in the new web-banking platform, starting on February 26th.

Your BankMobile Visa Debit card will not experience any interruption of service. If your debit card is turned off, we will be turning all cards “on” prior to 4:00 PM EST on February 22nd to successfully convert you to the new
system and ensure you have access to your funds via your debit card. After
February 22nd at 4:00 PM EST, the card on/off feature will no longer be available until future notice. If you need to turn your card off or on for any reason, please contact the Customer Care Team at 844-969-2265 for
assistance moving forward.

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