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Where is my financial aid refund?

For information about BankMobile’s financial aid refund process, visit BankMobile Vibe and click on the FAQ tab at the top of the page. If you wish to contact the BankMobile Disbursement team, please call: 1-877-327-9515 (hours of operation: 8am-11pm EST every day except 12/25).

What is your routing/ABA number?

BankMobile’s ABA (Routing Number) is 021914078. This ABA number can be used to establish direct deposit and to order checks. To sign up for direct deposit, here is a form for your convenience.

Where are your ATMs located?

BankMobile customers have access to over 55,000 surcharge (fee-free) ATMs throughout the United States. 

To find the closest ATM, simply open up your BankMobile app and click ATM Finder. Using the ATM Finder input your location, address or zip code and click Search.  You can view your closest ATMs on a map or in a list.

If you’re using a computer, log on to your BankMobile account and click the square grid icon in the upper right-hand corner. Click ATM Finder. 

Helpful hint: Avoid ATM fees by looking for ATMs marked as “No fee” in green. VIPs will be reimbursed for any fees they incur at ATMs that are not marked as fee-free, giving them fee-free access to 417,000 ATMs!

 Click here to learn more about becoming a VIP.

Can I mail a check for deposit into my account?

Yes. Please endorse the back of the check by writing "For Deposit Only" and write the type of account you wish to deposit into (checking or savings).  Do not write your account number on the back of the check for privacy reasons.   Mail the check(s) to:

Attn: Payment Processing 
99 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460 

For even easier check depositing, locate the Remote Deposit feature on your BankMobile app and follow the instructions. Here's a video that walks you through how to use our mobile check deposit feature.

How do I transfer money into a different account?

With BankMobile you can send money to anyone at any time by having just their email address or cell phone number. Or simply transfer funds into one of your accounts from another. To complete a transfer, log into your BankMobile account and go to Transfers & Payments and click Move Money.

If you want to transfer money into a bank account you keep at another bank, make sure you already have the bank account associated to your BankMobile app account. There is no charge for external transfers.

How can I sign up for direct deposit?

Signing up for direct deposit is easy. Simply provide your payroll company with your account number and the BankMobile ABA or Routing number: 021914078.

Here is a direct deposit form for your convenience.

How long does it take to verify a deposit?

Deposits made by 7:00 PM Eastern time will post on the next business day.

Be sure to check your account to make sure deposits have cleared. The best way to do this is to use your BankMobile app. You can log in using your 6-digit passcode or you can utilize Touch ID .You can also set up email or text message alerts in Settings to stay on top of your balances, withdrawals, and deposits.

How long does a loan approval take?

If you apply for a line of credit through the BankMobile app, the approval process will vary depending on a number of circumstances. In most cases, approval should only take a few minutes.

Where are your locations?

We've eliminated the need for branches to pass the savings onto you. With a bank in your pocket, you can enjoy the freedom of banking wherever and whenever you want using your BankMobile app.  

Visit our contact page for more info.

What devices does your mobile app support?

iPhone (4S + iOS 9.3) +
iPad (2 + iOS 9.3) +
Android KitKat version 4.4 +  

Why are my debit transactions being denied?

We are sorry this happened! Please make you have enough funds in your checking account to cover the purchase amount. It is also possible that we suspended your card number because of suspicious activity. Call or message a BankMobile banker to help get your card back on track. To do this, log onto your BankMobile app and select Support. You’ll see a few options for contacting us. 

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