Frequently Asked Questions


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Where is my financial aid refund?

For information about BankMobile’s financial aid refund process, visit BankMobile Vibe and click on the FAQ tab at the top of the page. If you wish to contact the BankMobile Disbursement team, please call: 1-877-327-9515 (hours of operation: 8am-11pm EST every day except 12/25).

What is your routing/ABA number?

BankMobile’s ABA (Routing Number) is 021914078. This ABA number can be used to establish direct deposit and to order checks. To sign up for direct deposit, here is a form for your convenience.

How long does it take to verify a deposit?

Deposits made by 7:30 PM Eastern time will post on the next business day. Be sure to check your statement to make sure deposits have cleared. The best way to do this is to use your BankMobile app. You don’t even have to login to check your balances,  you can login using your 4 digit PIN or you can utilize Touch ID (on supported Apple devices only). You can also set up email or text message alerts so you can stay on top of your balances, withdrawals and deposits.

Where are your ATM's located?

Simply deposit at least $500 into your BankMobile Totally Free Checking account each monthly statement cycle and every ATM in the USA is surcharge free.  No need to find a free ATM, because every ATM is free!    Click here for more information about this great benefit delivered through BankMobile’s VIP program. Not a BankMobile VIP yet? 

Click here to find the closest surcharge free ATM, or go into the BankMobile app and from the main menu, go to the bottom of the screen and select ATMs.  From the ATM menu, select STAR Surcharge Free ATMs and submit your location, such as address or zip code and click "Search".  A list of free ATMs will appear by scrolling through the screen.

How do I transfer money into a different account?

In order to begin the process you will need to setup and verify the external account you wish to use to transfer money, which can take a few days.  Please visit our guide for more information.

Can I mail a check for deposit into my account?

Yes. Please endorse the back of the check and by writing "For Remote Deposit Only".  Do not write your account number on the back of the check for privacy reasons.  If your check is over $3,000.00 it must be mailed for deposit. Mail the check(s) to:

Attn: Payment Processing
99 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460

For even easier check depositing, locate the “Deposits” feature on your BankMobile app and follow the instructions. Here's a video that walks you through how to use our mobile check deposit feature.

How can I sign up for direct deposit?

Signing up for direct deposit is easy. Simply provide your payroll company with your account number and the BankMobile ABA or Routing number: 021914078. 

Here is a direct deposit form for your convenience.

Where are your locations?

We've eliminated the need for branches to pass the savings onto you. With a bank in your pocket, you can enjoy the freedom of banking wherever and whenever you want using your BankMobile app. 

Visit our contact page for more info.

Why are my debit transactions being denied?

We are sorry this happened! Please make you have enough funds in your Checking Account to cover the purchase.  Also, check to see if the Debit Card is turned on in the BankMobile app. To confirm, login, go to the Main Menu and select “My Cards”. Please ensure the toggle switch is set to on.  For Android devices, make sure there is a check mark.

You can also contact  us at 1-844-WOW-BANK, [844-969-2265] to report the issue. For security purposes, you will need to provide specific data so we can assist you.

You can also submit a support ticket for us to research the issue.  After logging in to the app, go to the Main Menu, scroll to the bottom of the screen to “Support”. Click “Support” and choose “Debit Card Issues” and complete the necessary fields.  A banker will reach out to you with more information.

For Android devices, go to the Main menu and scroll to the bottom of the screen to “Customer Service”. Then click “Support” and choose “Debit Card Issues” and complete the necessary fields.  A banker will reach out to you with more information.

How long does a loan approval take?

If you apply for a line of credit through the BankMobile app, the approval process will vary depending on a number of circumstances.  We will work as fast as we can to to notify you of the status of your request.