Workplace Banking

Financial Wellness
at Work

The BankMobile Workplace Banking platform financially empowers employees through:

On-the-go Money Management Tools

Employees can track spending, setup reserves for upcoming savings goals and get a more relevant view of balances minus upcoming expenses with BankMobile’s Snapshot and Money Meter tools.

Financial Empowerment Blog

Employees’ one-stop shop for financial inspiration and motivation through articles and advice.

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Personalized Financial Coaching

Webinars, virtual/onsite financial education classes and 1 on 1 coaching from Ash Cash, BankMobile's personal finance expert, speaker and bestselling author.

Omni-Channel Employee Communication

BankMobile communicates with employees to encourage customers to stay on track with their financial goals. We also provide account alerts to manage your finances anywhere.

Employer Workshops

Complete workshop packages are available through your employer to educate you through presentations and materials. Topics include the importance of understanding your money personality, debt avoidance and the importance of saving.

Educational Materials

Various free materials are available through your employer including books, budget checklists, worksheets, quizzes and surveys.