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BankMobile helps colleges and universities across the U.S. deliver financial aid credit balances to students securely, efficiently, and in compliance with federal regulations.

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Benefits for Staff

Full exception handling including managing returned checks, incorrect ACH information and escheatment—saving your institution time, money and headaches.

Support from a team of experts with decades of experience, including an administrator-only help desk, online training courses and more!

A transparent student experience offering clear refund choices including an optional FDIC-insured checking account, available to every student.

Combining convenience and security, Campus ID is a turnkey identification solution that helps your campus reduce costs and operational burdens.

Utilizing the same process as our Refund Management® service, your institution can cut costs and distribute payroll to both students and employees.

A clear, neutral and transparent online process for selecting how they want their refunds, always free of cost.

Fast, reliable, and secure access to their funds. We never sell or share student data.

Access to a student-friendly checking account, with strong protections put in place by the Department of Education.

Text alerts on the status of their refunds, regardless of how they receive them.

Free customer service through a customer support line, online FAQs, email and social media.

Compliance made easy

New Department of Education regulations governing Title IV disbursements on your campus went into effect on July 1. Our Refund Management service has provided a comprehensive, service-oriented solution in higher education for the last decade and a half. With new consumer protections in place, see how a better student experience rounds out our service as an end-to-end compliant solution for your campus in the next decade.

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"We have been able to streamline our process and reduce expenses to offer students quick and efficient online access to manage how they receive their refunds."

"We have been using this service since 2009 and have always felt that we’ve had a trusted partner in disbursing Title IV funds. We have always relied on the team and look forward to a continued partnership."

“We have been thrilled with this service for the reason of significantly decreased costs to the college through a reduction in printing and mailing checks.”

"This process saves time and money for institutions of higher education and it helps the refund process flow smoothly, while reducing errors in processing as well. Many students come to college and do not have any business relationships with banking institutions. BankMobile Disbursements bridges that gap, and gives students an opportunity to have rapid access to their funds and to learn how to manage their money effectively."

"The institution is glad to have BankMobile Disbursements so Madonna can continue concentrating on education."

"This Refund Management service is such a unique process; there is no other competition as far as we are concerned. We looked at solutions with local and regional banks, but nobody could provide this level of service."