VIP Program

Take Your BankMobile Bold Experience to the Next Level.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who deposits their paycheck or other income totaling $500 or more each monthly statement cycle into their BankMobile Totally Free Checking Account will be automatically enrolled.  

Download the direct deposit form (PDF) to get started.

What is considered a paycheck?

A paycheck includes earnings from your job, social security, public assistance, alimony, or any other recurring income. It does not include transfers between accounts.

Is there a minimum deposit per monthly statement cycle?

To continue to access 400,000 ATMs for free and free financial coaching, simply deposit your paycheck or other income totaling $500 or more each monthly statement cycle into your BankMobile Totally Free Checking Account. If you have any questions on your specific situation, please give us a call at 1-844-WOW-BANK to discuss.

When will I receive my ATM refunds?

You will receive a refund of any ATM fees that you were charged at the end of each statement cycle, currently on the 20th of each month. If deposits totaling at least $500 are not made in any monthly statement cycle, ATM surcharge fees imposed by other ATM owners during that monthly period will not be reimbursed

How many times can you talk to the financial coach?

At the moment, there is no limit. Limits may be imposed in the future as demand for the service increases.

How do I schedule an appointment with a financial coach?

You will receive an email from us once you receive VIP status with details on how to schedule a meeting.