Your very own bank,
made to order.

We work with large aggregators of consumers and leverage their brands and existing workflows to acquire checking account customers with very little expense. BankMobile's checking accounts carry fewer fees and partners can customize the program experience and brand as their own. We collaborate with our partners to develop their own customer incentives and rewards.
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Everybody wins.

Companies win in this model by:
  • Reduced processing costs for on-partner purchases made with BankMobile accounts vs. other debit or credit cards.
  • Earning revenue share from accounts.
  • Gaining affinity from their customer base as accountholders are treated to unique rewards and incentives.
Customers win in this model by:
  • Unique rewards and incentives.
  • Access to virtually free checking (and other financial services products) they may not have access to otherwise.
  • The model is so successful because it engages customers and employees in frictionless account opening moments with a brand they are familiar with and trust.


16 years experience delivering B2B2C white label banking
Proven adoption methodology
Modern digital banking experience with customer-centric platform
Superior access to low-cost services for customers
Scalable revenue model

Service & Program Support

Executive oversight
Product/Program Configuration
Fully-supported implementation
Dedicated relationship management
Custom-branded app/card
Administrator support
24 / 7 / 365 customer care
Automated program reporting
Marketing support


Risk management / compliance

Why go with BankMobile?
Here are 5 good reasons.


16 years of experience

We’ve been providing white label banking services in higher education since 2001, and are launching in new verticals to tens of millions of consumers in 2018.


1 of every 3 Students

Thanks to our partnerships in higher education, we have strong, built-in relationships with 33% of students nationwide (and counting).


We’re a top 15 bank

Based on our number of consumer checking accounts, we can go toe-to-toe in sheer numbers with some of the biggest banks in the country.



Access to 55,000 + Allpoint ATMs, free of charge. No minimum balance. No overdraft fees. What’s not to love?


Our product offering

Our bank is purpose-built to suit your needs from start to finish - we’re your all-in-one solution.

Our special sauce

Low Cost of Acquisition

  • Integrated into the core customer / client transaction
  • Every customer MUST walk in to our digital branch and be exposed to our option
  • Customer MUST make a choice on how to receive funds / pay for service
  • Virtually no cost of acquisition

Competitive Economics

  • Can provide virtually fee-free products to customers
  • Can share considerable revenue with clients

Competitive Advantage

  • Large banks have the technology, but they can't compete on price. Our interchange revenue share is greater than their total interchange revenue
  • Small banks enjoy Durbin protections, however they don’t have the experience or resources to develop technology
  • Financial Technology (Fintech) Companies may have great technology, but, without charters, they won’t be able to provide a full array of banking products and services

16 Years of Experience

  • We have been providing white-labeled banking services in higher education since 2001
  • Launching a white-labeled consumer banking program with a top-consumer brand to their 60 million members in late 2018
  • Scalable, flexible and repeatable products ready to be configured to meet the needs of your customers, members and employees

Become a white label banking partner.